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Mission Statement

"Called to be Project" is an 501c non-profit that exists to publish children's books and journals that will help people find their calling and join in on God's Redemptive story.

Profits will support the foster community by raising financial assistance for adoption, foster summer camps through
Royal Families and transitional homes with OC United.


We love your books and have been able to give them out to a few of our friends and neighbors. So far, it has served as such a great tool for loving on our neighbors.

We gave one to each of our daughter's teachers - one of them hasn’t been feeling 100% physically and she hugged me and told me how perfect of a reminder that book was for her to remember our God the ultimate Healer. Also, our neighbors love it and said that though they haven’t been in church since before they got married and had kids, the book is helping them to start easy conversations with their young kids about who Jesus is. We’ve gotten such positive feedback from just giving these books away even for adults who have just been needing a small reminder of how good He is. Thanks for the time and love you and your team has put into the project and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Chris and Hnou

Our Partners

Team Bear Hugs

Founded by Wilson Wang, Pastor of Renew Church OC

Called to Be Children's Book Series
| Nina & Wilson Wang + Elaine Cutting + Priscilla An
Operations and Marketing | Mitchell Loo + Jillian Wang
Illustrations | Zachary Onaga

Called to Be Journal Series
| Tom Virue & Wilson Wang
Operations and Marketing | Mitchell Loo + Jillian Wang
Illustrations | Zachary Onaga

Special Thanks To

L2 Foundation for a generous start up grant that allowed us to pursuing this project
Kickstarter Funders for being our first backers and believers when it was just a dream

Kayley Wang for motion graphics
Sol Kim for warehouse storage 
Tommy Nguyen for fb ad buying  
Chris Gonzalez for printing layout
Holly Dong for voice acting
Irwin Nhan for photography 
Ken and Chrissie Chang for a first print grant
Calliwind Printing for patiently working with us